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Richard Fritz Holding Richard Fritz Holding

In Richard Fritz Holding plants, we provide complex workplaces for quality control of final products and also image-based quality inspection in production process.

Realized projects:

  • "End of line" quality control and inspection for final products (windows for automotive industry)
  • Online quality inspection of primer line (glass for production)
  • Camera control of placing final products into pallets
  • Assembly stations of windows production for automotive
Continental AG Continental AG

For Continental AG, we provide quality inspection in production process.

  • Online tyre inspection
  • Correct rubbing of specific parts in production
  • Lateral position of the material (strips, edge and splice inspection)
Rona a.s. Rona a.s.

We have implemented complex workplaces for Rona's Quality Control Depatrment.

  • Offline measurement and inspection system for wine glasses production
IKEA Industry Slovakia IKEA Industry Slovakia

We have implemented for Trnava plant online detection of holes on wood based board in production process.

Mondelēz International Mondelēz International

For Mondelēz plant in Bratislava, we have realized image-based vision system for product inspection during production process.

  • Online detection of chocolate types before entering the package machine

Danfoss Slovensko Danfoss Slovensko

We have realized machine vision system implementation for clutch type detection during the production process.

Kongsberg Automotive Kongsberg Automotive

We have realized poka-yoke system for detection of gear shifter in production process.

  • Volvo gear shifter - type of shifter, material detection (leather,leatherette) other visual control.
Heineken Slovensko Heineken Slovensko

For Heineken Slovakia we have realized camera control of OCR detection on beer cans at the speed of 200 cans per minute.

Benteler International AG Benteler International AG

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